Monday, February 28, 2005

Million Dollar Babies

The Moose urges Senator Schumer to unleash a "Sister Souljah" on Hollywood.

According to the New York Times, some Hollywood fat cats are in a fury over the notion that the Chuck Schumer's Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is attempting to recruit pro-life Representative Jim Langevin to run against incumbent Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island. The story indicates,

"Victoria Hopper, wife of the actor Dennis Hopper, enlisted 16 actors, producers and philanthropists to sign a letter objecting to the potential candidacy of Representative Jim Langevin, who is being recruited for the 2006 race by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee...

"This is even more important than one precious Senate seat; it is a fight to protect women and families, and a fight for the core and soul of our party," Ms. Hopper wrote in the letter. "Unbelievably, some conservative D.C. Democrats have recruited Representative Jim Langevin, a radically anti-choice candidate."

In response, the Moose suggests that the Chair of the Committee, Senator Schumer, ever so respectively tell the Hollywood million dollar babies to take their check books and put them where the sun don't shine. First, the Moose has long believed that while the Democrats will remain the pro-choice party it is critical that they show pro-life Democrats and traditionalists that there is a big tent. That is why the Moose is also enthusiastic about the candidacy of Bob Casey Jr. in Pennsylvania. Democrats must demonstrate that they believe in cultural diversity as well as multiculutural diversity. And Senator Schumer should be applauded for his recruitment efforts.

Second, and perhaps most important, it is high time that the Democratic Party distance itself from the cultural elitists in Tinseltown. During the past campaign, Kerry was significantly damaged by his failure to distant himself from Whoopi Goldberg's inappropriate remarks at a fundraiser. Instead, he referred to the entertainers as representing "the heart and soul of America." Bush then exploited this comment in almost every stump speech.

It was a significant moment in 1992 when Candidate Clinton attacked Sister Souljah. It sent a distinct message that this Democrat was not beholden to left-wing cultural elitists. However, today's Democrats seem to pander to Hollywood as another special interest with deep pockets.

The Moose is always willing to take on cultural elites as well as corporate ones.
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