Saturday, February 12, 2005

Primum Non Nocere

The Moose wishes the Doctor well.

As is evident to the Mooseketeers, the Moose has been skeptical of Dr. Dean's candidacy for the DNC. Now that he is assuming the position he wishes that the Doctor prove that the Moose's misgivings were misplaced.

The Moose deeply understands the mentality of the elephant. He thrives on wedge issues and the cultural weaknesses of the donkey. The thirty-five year ascendancy of the GOP has been built on portraying the Democrats as weak on social order and stability - the so-called values issues. This basket of issues has included concerns as varied as national security, abortion, crime, gay rights, welfare and patriotism. Essentially, the economic policies of the Republican Party which reward the wealthy will never appeal to the mass of Americans. Hence, the GOP exploits these "social order" traditionalist issues to great effect to create a populist appeal.

Millions of Democrats have left their party over the belief that their party is indeed "soft on order." The interesting thing about the electoral map is not the swath of red states, but rather the small margins that Democrats carried such previous bastions as Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Moose argues that middle-income and lower-income Democrats in these states are increasingly estranged from their party's views on the social stability question.

That is why the Moose had his doubts about Dr. Dean. A socially liberal dove is not exactly what the doctor ordered as a real or symbolic leader for the Democrats. However, now the deed is done - he is the Chair.

Hopefully, Chairman Dean will come to understand the Democratic weaknesses and will be sensitive to address these concerns. The Bushie plutocratic policies must be reversed. The Moose identifies with the Democratic tradition of FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ, Humphrey and Scoop. He senses that many Americans who have left, or are estranged from the Democrats, do so as well. They, as well as the lefty blogosphere, should be welcome in the Party.

Good luck, Doctor.
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