Monday, February 07, 2005

Reagan Not Eeyore

The Moose urges the donkey to emulate the Gipper.

Yesterday, was the birthday of the late President, Ronald Reagan. Although the Moose has problems with Reagan's fiscal policies, he regards him as a great President. While that statement may arouse some dissension among Mooseketeers, the Moose continues to believe that Reagan contributed mightily to the successful end of the Cold War and he restored the spirit of America.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan ran on the slogan "Let's Make America Great Again." At the time, the country was suffering from a malaise and a fear of decline. While Reagan was deeply critical of the Carter Administration, he radiated an optimistic, upbeat attitude about the country's future.

Although he ideologically rejected his Democratic past (arguably, with the exception of his approach to national security), Reagan emulated the political approach of his hero - FDR. Indeed, Republicans are fond of political grave robbery in invoking past Democratic Presidents such as FDR, Truman and JFK.
The Moose suggests that Democrats find opportunities to emulate Ronald Reagan. After all, he was once a donkey himself and many millions of Americans became Reagan Democrats. Too often these days, Democrats appear to be nattering nabobs of negativism who are deeply pessimistic about America's future. That is a losing personality for the party.

The Moose does not agree with everything in this piece by Fred Hiatt in today's Washington Post about the state of the Democratic Party. However, Hiatt makes this salient point,

"Eeyore's friends never doubted his good intentions. But none of them would have chosen him first for a playmate, either."

Democrats need more Reagan and less Eeyore.
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