Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sobering Thoughts

The Moose recommends that the elephant check-in at the Betty Ford Clinic for Reformed Big Spenders.

As the Moose is fond of saying, the era of big government being over is over. It is compellingly pathetic that after creating hundred of billions of dollars in debt, the Bushies are suddenly born again deficit cutters. They are seeking salvation in budget cuts in programs for the poor, after indulging their tastes for the past four years in record pork barrel spending and entitlement increases. You don't need to administer a breathalyzer to know that the Republicans are inebriated spenders and now they are BWI - Budgeting while Intoxicated.

And these Republican pro-life spend thrifts have even more surprises in store for the unborn according to the Washington Post,

"Congress and the White House have become adept at passing legislation with hidden long-term price tags, but those huge costs began coming into view in Bush's latest spending plan. Even if Bush succeeds in slashing the deficit in half in four years, as he has pledged, his major policy prescriptions would leave his successor with massive financial commitments that begin rising dramatically the year he relinquishes the White House, according to an analysis of new budget figures.

"Bush's extensive tax cuts, the new Medicare prescription drug benefit and, if it passes, his plan to redesign Social Security all balloon in cost several years from now. His plan to partially privatize Social Security, for instance, would cost a total of $79.5 billion in the last two budgets that Bush will propose as president and an additional $675 billion in the five years that follow. New Medicare figures likewise show the cost almost twice as high as originally estimated, largely because it mushrooms long after the Bush presidency."

It's time for the Gop'ers to come forward and admit, "I am a Republican and I am a spendaholic." It is the first step to recovery.

These "limited government" binge spenders have a deep problem, but unfortunately they are in deep denial. You see, they actually cannot acknowledge that they are actually big government types as long as it serves the interests of their own re-election and the donor class. So what do they do - they take it out on those who cannot defend themselves against these inebriated bullies - the poor.

Sad, isn't it - you almost wish there could be an intervention to stop this anti-social behavior. As Chairman Dean aptly stated, you just can't trust this Republican crowd with your money. If the conservatives are so concerned about restraining government, they'll put a Clinton Democrat back in the White House so we can have balanced budgets and genuine entitlement reform again.

Until then, however, the GOP is behind the budget wheel and their blood level concentration is off the charts. It is a party badly in need of detox.

If only the nation could just sleep it off.
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