Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Bankrupt Republicans

The Moose asks how are we going to collect on the debt that the Republicans are leaving our country?

It is the height of moral hypocrisy that the GOP is advancing a bankruptcy bill. This is from the party that is creating a multi-trillion debt for the nation. Are the bill collectors going to be repossessing the RNC headquarters? Will the accounts of the respected GOP Members of Congress be put on hold?

But for the average guy who just fell on hard times and can't pay his bills - too bad, sucker. You see, if you are going to commit a crime - make it a big one. By their immoral tax cuts for their wealthy cronies at a time of war and their reckless spending, these derelict deadbeat Republicans have put the nation in hock to of all people - the Communist Chinese.

And this crowd has the chutzpah to crack down on credit card debtors?

The Moose suggests that the Repo Man repossess some GOP Lexuses and Beamers before they crack down on hard-luck Americans!
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