Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Dems Need Joe

The Moose argues that the Democrats need Lieberman more than Joe needs the donkey.

The Moose is a ticketed rider on the anti-privatization train. If there is one remaining defined benefit in society, it should be a guaranteed safety net for the aged. Moreover, it appears that the American public agrees with this notion.

Having said that, the Moose does not believe the litmus test for remaining a card carrying Democratic elected official is that issue. It is interesting to the Moose that a film maker who suggests that the United States manufactured the war in Afghanistan to further oil interests is a celebrated figure to many in the Democratic party, while a respected Democratic Senator and former Vice Presidential nominee (who generally votes with the liberal mainstream of the party) is a primary target for a purge.

The fight against social security privatization is important but not vital to the future of the Democratic Party. While the President may get something, he most probably will not win passage of his most ambitious privatization scheme. Meanwhile, Democrats must still address the problems in their own house. And those weaknesses involve being perceived as weak on values and national security.

No member of the party can better assist the party in addressing these weaknesses than Joe Lieberman. No, the Moose is not suggesting that he run again for President. Rather, he can provide valuable counsel to the party on how to better connect with those folks who have become estranged from the party in the past years.

If donkeys believe that defense of the New Deal, however noble and necessary, is their ticket back to power, then they will be wandering in the wilderness longer than the Lord's Chosen People.
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