Friday, March 18, 2005


The Moose notes the possible emergence of the Democrat's Newt.

It is increasingly clear that the House Bugman could soon be going back to remove all pests from the confines of Sugar Land. He is one charge away from returning to obscurity.

Tom DeLay has become the poster boy for the corruption of the Republican Revolution. After a decade of power, the GOP has accomplished what it took forty years for the Democrats to achieve. They are a corrupt ossified bunch who is led by a Boss Tweed without scruples.

It is particularly ironic that the Republican and conservative establishment is marinated in the sweet slush of gambling money. The Abramoff/Scanlon/DeLay/Reed Indian gaming scandal has ensnared a whole host of once revolutionaries who have feasted on the wages of sin. Even the pious Dr. Dobson has been pulled into the scandal - is he a fool or a knave?

As the Moose has argued, what the Democrats need now is a leader who will drive the scandal home on a daily basis. They need a relentless visionary like Newt who brought down Jim Wright and the entire Democratic establishment.

Congressman Rahm Emanuel may be filling the role as the donkey's Newt. He is a tough and tireless idea man who intimately learned scandal politics in the Clinton White House. As the Chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and keenly media-savvy, Emanuel has a national platform to communicate the reform message.

The Hill reported yesterday on what the DCCC is planning,

"Explicitly borrowing from the anti-corruption planks in Newt Gingrich's "Contract with America," and hoping to replicate the 1994 watershed victory that followed, the new plan suggests that Democratic leaders believe they need to weave themes of abuse of power into any successful campaign to recapture the House."

Emanuel also recognizes that it will be insufficient for the donkey only to take a negative posture. Democrats cannot play the moon to the Republican sun. Democrats must emerge as the party of insurgent reform with innovative policies.

Keep an eye on Emanuel - he may be the Moses who leads the donkey back into the Promised Land.
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