Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Fifth Commandment

The Moose warns the elephant that he shouldn't violate the tablets that were delivered at Mt. Sinai.

The GOP may be on the losing side of a social issue - social security. The efforts of the Republican front organization USA Next to link AARP with gay marriage and treason are pathetic and amusing. It truly smacks of desperation because it appears that the Bushies are having a hard time selling privatization - sorry, personal accounts.

It is ironic that the Republicans are trying to employ social wedge issues to sell social security. That is because social security may be the ultimate government "values" program. It essentially honors the injunction in Deuteronomy 5:16 -"Ka'bed et avicha v'et ee'mecha" - "honor thy mother and father" by ensuring them a safety net. Forget about actuarial statements, you can look it up in the Decalogue.

Now, it is said that Jesus may save, but Moses invests. Because the Moose is an Old Testament type he is all for private investment. But it makes sense, moral sense, that government guarantee that the most revered in our society - the old - have a basic defined benefit. In contrast, the forces of Mammon are seeking to gut the program as was evidenced by the youthful chants of "social security must go" at the recent Santorum town hall meeting.

Rabbi Moose intones that this is truly an anti-Biblical world view.

The Moose has long believed that the GOP has benefited as the custodian of order and tradition. In the case of social security, the elephant is threatening to transform a program that has ably upheld tradition - the protection of the aged.

The President is seeking to inject market-based risk taking into the social security system. That is interesting because when W. took risks when he was in the private sector, and ventures went south, there was always a Texas sugar daddy to bail him out. Needless to say, most Americans do not enjoy that luxury of birth.

So, the Moose warns Republicans - Don't mess with Moses!
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