Monday, March 14, 2005

Grow up Bloggers

The Moose loves to cause heartburn for the ideoblogues.

The Moose grazes in the vital center. Unfortunately, much of the political blogosphere is utterly predictable. Whether they be the freepers or the kossaks, they dwell on the fringes of American political life.

Don't get the Moose wrong - there is much value in the on-line world. The Moose learns much from such thoughtful worthies as Josh Marshall on the left or Andrew Sullivan on the right. But for far too many of those who put fingertips to keyboard, there is an ideological rigidity that is appalling when it is not either profane or inane.

Lefties should have more humility and thoughtfulness. After all, they have not enjoyed power in many a day. Perhaps they should examine why. Has it been because their message hasn't been heard? Yet, through the blogosphere, the Dean campaign raised millions and mobilized many, but their political success was quite illusive. Michael Moore became a multi-millionaire with his tirade against the Bushies, but W. got the last laugh.

What the Moose would like to know was when was the last time a lefty won the White House - Kennedy, LBJ, Carter, Clinton? None of them truly stirred the hearts of the lefty faithful. Perhaps JFK did, but he won running to the right of Nixon on foreign policy. In recent political memory, only hawks have won the Presidency whether they are Democrats or Republicans.

The recent rage on the left is to heap scorn on Joe Lieberman. The Moose is honored to stand with Joe against the dogmatic idealogues of the blogosphere. And he wears their scorn as a badge of honor.

If the plutocratic G.O.P. is ever to be defeated, Democrats will have to win the confidence of the American people that they are a tough party that will vanquish our enemies. That is why Joe Lieberman is so vital to the donkey. If those on the left have their honest disagreements with him or any other Democrat, that is fair and to be expected. However, the Moose would argue that those voices on the left who would transform the party into a dogmatically left-wing party serve the wishes of Rove and company in a profoundly significant way.

The cyberspace lefties are the political progeny of those folks who screamed "Dump the Hump" and helped give us Richard Nixon. They are McGovernites with modems whose ancestors played into the hands of Tricky Dick. And now they are turning their backs in a juvenile pique on the President and one organization that helped win the White House twice in a row. Keep in mind that it was liberal over-reach and not the scorned Clintonian centrism that enabled the GOP to seize Congress in 1994.

History did not begin with the emergence of the internet. Grow up bloggers.
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