Thursday, March 10, 2005

Picking Fights

The Moose urges the donkey not to be W obsessed.

Today's Democrats are responding to Bush like elephants reacted to Clinton. They are obsessed with him and he is driving them crazy with anger. Don't get the Moose wrong, there is much to be angry about - particularly the plutocratic policies of this Administration.

Democrats are correct in opposing the Bush social security privatization scheme and the socially bankrupt bankruptcy bill. While we're at it, how are we going to collect on the national debt that the oh-so-responsible-small-government-conservative-Republicans are leaving our country?

But here's some breaking news for the Democrats - Bush will not be President in 2009 (unless, of course Jeb runs and wins). In addition to continuing to oppose the egregious proposals of this Administration, the Democrats better be channeling some of their energy into positive proposals for the future. There is nothing less productive for the future of the Democrats than to be branded as "Party No." If Democrats are to be successful in the future, at some point they must advance a positive, optimistic, idealistic agenda that is animated by great national purpose.

Yes, the President's social security proposal should be defeated. But, ultimately Bush might lose this battle, but win the reform war. That is, he may be able to position the Republican Party as the vehicle of reform against the intransigent reactionary Democrats. Don't think he doesn't have the capability to do it - just remember how he became the champion of the Department of Homeland Security after he initially opposed it - he did the same on corporate reform.

Democrats should certainly be the opposition party, but should carefully pick its battles. For instance, the Moose holds no brief for John Bolton. But think about how the Republicans will frame the debate - the Democrats are for the United Nations and the Republicans are for the United States. The donkey should think before he leaps into opposition. Fights with the Bushies should strengthen the party, not weaken it.

Ultimately, the Moose stresses the Democrats should become the party of national greatness and reform. At this early moment, the donkey does "no" well, but ultimately, that will be entirely insufficient.
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