Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Something's Happening Here

The Moose urges the Democratic Party to celebrate democracy's advance.

There is something happening in the Middle East. In the aftermath of the successful Iraqi election, there have been developments from Saudi Arabia to Egypt to Lebanon to Palestine that should lift the hearts of all democrats.

That means members of the United States Democratic Party as well. Of course, we do not know the final outcome of these seemingly momentous events. There could be significant setbacks. If democracy advances, the people might elect officials that are distasteful to U.S. interests. Yet, if progressives stand for anything, it is for the advancement of human freedom. Incredibly, the Moose saw the writings of one left wing blogger who even presented a case for the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. Who would ever thought it - left-wing Kissingerism - or worse, lefty Buchananites!

Yes, President Bush might get some significant political credit for these events. So what. If partisanship is more important than fundamental principles, than the Democratic party has truly lost its way. Just as right-wing Delayicans opposed the foreign policy triumph of Clinton in Kosovo, so are left-wing Kissingers moaning the potential advance of freedom today.

Remember, you're the Democratic Party.
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