Thursday, March 24, 2005

Stand by Your Bug Man

The Moose begs the elephant to stick with their ethically-challenged Majority Leader.

Although President Bush is the official chief Republican, Tom DeLay is a far better symbol of the party. He is the embodiment of the corrupt crony corporatism that is the modern GOP. DeLay is the poster boy for the sleazo-cons that rule the roost on Capitol Hill.

The New Republic notes that Tom DeLay has become the Republican version of former Democratic Majority Leader and Speaker Jim Wright. And it was Gingrich's assault on Wright's ethics that eventually led to the 1994 Republican revolution. The New Republic,

"Although they have been in the majority only ten years--as opposed to the 40 years the Democrats ruled the House before being swept out in 1994--House Republicans have become just as entrenched and arrogant as Democrats were before their downfall. And their steadfast defense of DeLay and his ethical transgressions is simply the most prominent manifestation of that. If they continue in this defense, it will only be a matter of time before House Democrats, taking a page from Gingrich's old playbook, will successfully use DeLay to cast the entire Republican majority as corrupt--and in need of replacing."

The New Republic is far more generous and public spirited than the Moose. For the good of Congress, they urge the Republicans to dump DeLay. The Moose begs to differ with his good friends at TNR. The Moose strongly believes in representative democracy, and no single individual reflects the banal corruption, the subservience to monied interests and the Elmer Gantry demagoguery of the Republican Party better than the esteemed Congressman from Sugar Land. The GOP House Republicans have spoken and now they must be punished.

As a matter of fact, the Moose recommends that the Republican National Committee hold a major tribute to their Majority Leader. He can be saluted by the likes of Jack Abramoff, Michael Scanlon, Ed Buckham, Ralph Reed and all of those who have followed his example. The elephant should boldly celebrate his emblematic leadership!

Don't abandon him at this moment of his ultimate usefulness to the donkey! Brave lobbyists who owe their job to the K Street Project should man the barricades against the pagan ethical hordes and prosecutors who are threatening to storm your castle and put Papa Doc DeLay in the dock.

The Moose even has some friendly advice to the Bugman - beware of the Ides of Rove. He might just bail out on you just like he did to your Old Trent. "Et tu, Karl?"

Please, please Republicans, keep DeLay!
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