Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Frist Fumbles

The Moose expresses pity for the Senate Majority Leader.

You have to feel sorry for Reverend Bill Frist, M.D. (Faith-healer - TN). He genuflects before the religious right on "Justice Sunday" and all he achieves is getting his pants dirty. But as is said in John 4:22 - "When ye takes the path to pandering, there are no detours", or something like that.

You see, the righteous Doctor thought he was going to get away on the cheap when he went before the faithful in his church telecast on Sunday. He was wrongly advised that he could both satisfy the passions of the hard core and distant himself from the extreme statements of the Bug Man. What he failed to comprehend is that this crowd wants the real deal not some corner cutting, half measures.

Here is what the Washington Times reports

"Conservatives yesterday expressed anger at Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist for what they described as his swipe at House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

" Mr. DeLay, Texas Republican, said last month that judges who denied appeals by Terri Schiavo's relatives who were trying to keep the brain-damaged Florida woman alive must "answer for their behavior."

"Mr. Frist, Tennessee Republican, did not mention Mr. DeLay by name in a taped address to a Sunday rally of Christian conservatives, but disavowed "retaliation" against federal judges."

Frist's transgression drew the wrath of the leader of the righteous right,

"Conservatives said Mr. Frist was courting the evangelical Christian vote while distancing himself from Mr. DeLay.

"We won't continue to build this conservative movement if we have one leader attacking another leader," said Free Congress Foundation President Paul M. Weyrich. "I really would like to know Senator Frist's version of a fair and independent judiciary."

The Moose urges the Mooseketeers to be generous to the Good Doctor. He isn't having a good run of pandering. Frist's fumble on "Justice Sunday" restricts him with even less flexibility to negotiate a compromise on the nuclear option. He is on probation on the right's watch list.

Perhaps Frist is a novice. He has sacrificed his integrity but failed to gain the respect and adoration of those he would flatter.

Maybe, he should stick to heart surgery. It's easier.
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