Thursday, April 21, 2005

Norquist Joins VLWC

The Moose reports on a conspiracy so vast.

All smart thinking right wingers recognize that Tom DeLay is the victim of a left wing conspiracy that is being funded and planned by billionaire George Soros*. Of course, Reverend DeLay did nothing wrong and he is only being persecuted because he is effective. He probably didn't even know Rabbi Abramoff. Well, maybe they davened together on Shabbos during golf junkets to Scotland or the Marianas.

But, seriously, this lefty conspiracy is now infiltrating the Central Committee of the Right Wing Conspiracy - the Wednesday Grover Norquist meeting. The Washington Times buries this stunning story this morning

"Mr. Soros was the guest speaker at the regular Wednesday morning strategy meeting led by Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, at ATR's offices on L Street.

"Mr. Soros' appearance was a surprise. Those in attendance greeted him politely, with some offering to work with him on issues on which they could find common ground -- such as preserving civil and personal liberties.

"He, in turn, praised them for the "tremendous energy and enthusiasm" they showed for their various causes, most of which he had "fundamental disagreements" with, he said."

Clearly, by allowing Soros to address the conservative core, Grover Norquist became an active agent of influence of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy (Patent Pending). Tom DeLay might as well just pack his bags and book a one way ticket back to Sugar Land.

We are everywhere.

*Official Soros Disclaimer - The Moose is not now, nor has ever been in the employ of George Soros however he is open to future financial expressions of appreciation from him.
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