Monday, April 04, 2005

Play Ball!

The Moose celebrates the opening of the baseball season and the return of baseball to the Nation's Capital.

The Moose was in national pastime greatness heaven yesterday as he rooted for the Washington Nationals at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. Although it was an exhibition game and his newly beloved Nats lost, it was a historic moment worth savoring. After an absence of three decades, baseball has returned to the place where it certainly belongs.

As the Moose has bloviated, it is the obligation of Washingtonians to cast aside their old allegiances and go nuts for the Nats. Indeed, the Nats should truly become America's Team.

While the K Street Crowd has corrupted much in this town, the Nats should be sacrosanct. Why not the entire community own the team like the Packers of Green Bay? Although the Moose is a firm believer in the free market, baseball in the Capital should be a protected treasure like the national forests or the Smithsonian.

Life begins anew!
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