Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Squish Factor

The Moose sings the praises of the squish.

Congressman Chris Shays has bravely suggested that DeLay should go. He will be celebrated by the left and vilified by the right. That is the fate of a politician in today's Washington who commits honesty and defies his "team."

The Moose abhors the "team mentality." He first heard the term in the mid-nineties from the Political Commissar of the right, Grover Norquist. Grover's Leninist Democratic Centralism is now emulated by some on the left, particularly in the blogosphere.

The Moose is all for party loyalty. But sometimes party loyalty demands too much - such as defending the indefensible. We think a heretic is just swell when he spills the beans on the other team, but he is Benedict Arnold and must be "primaried" when he does the same and is wearing our uniform - or worse he is a hated "squish."

This is a somewhat recent phenomena because the parties used to be more ideologically heterogeneous. Now, they are increasingly doctrinaire. Maybe that is why more and more Americans register with no party affiliation.

What Americans need more than anything else is more straight talk and more honesty. And that requires that on occasion that politicians defy their party's party line. Country should always come before party.

The reality is that most Americans are "squishes" - they are ideological hybrids. They believe putting the interest of the nation before that of party.

The people of Connecticut are fortunate enough to be represented by two prominent so-called "squishes" - Republican Chris Shays and Democrat Joe Lieberman. Good for the Nut Meg state.

And even better for America.
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