Friday, April 08, 2005

Support Found for Memo's Authenticity

The Moose provides evidence that today's Memo from the White House official may be legitimate.

All Mooseketeers who doubted the authenticity of the memo that was discovered by the Moose Intelligence Service should read this article that appeared in today's Los Angeles Times. It appears that K.R.'s plan may now be operative.

Note the blind quote from a "senior House Republican" undermining the Majority Leader,

"DeLay's troubles threaten to overshadow the legislative agenda that should be the capstone of Hastert's tenure as House speaker as he enters what is likely to be the final years of his congressional career.

"There is genuine concern that it's diverting attention from serious issues," said a senior House Republican, who, like other lawmakers interviewed, declined to be named for fear of antagonizing House leaders. "This is getting out of control."

And observe the signals being sent from "sources close to Hastert"

"Hastert joined DeLay in leading Congress to intervene in the case of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman who died despite a bitter court battle to keep her husband from withdrawing her feeding tube. But Hastert took a starkly different posture after federal judges refused to reopen the case, refraining from the blistering attacks on the judiciary unleashed by DeLay.

"Sources close to Hastert also say the speaker only reluctantly supported a change in the House rules late last year that would have allowed DeLay to continue serving as majority leader even if he were indicted."

And finally, cast your eyes on the Speaker's office lukewarm support for their #2,

"The spotlight on DeLay grew brighter this week following newspaper articles raising questions about the financing of a 1997 trip he took to Russia and payments to his wife and daughter for political work. He continued to respond combatively, denouncing the articles as "another seedy attempt by the liberal media to embarrass me."

Hastert's response was more restrained. "The speaker and the Republican conference fully support the majority leader, and believe he's been very effective in helping us advance our agenda," said Ron Bonjean, Hastert's press secretary."

Restrained, indeed!
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