Sunday, April 10, 2005

Thank You, Conservatives

The Moose expresses his deep appreciation to the conservative movement for sticking by their Bug Man.

The Moose was concerned that the right might be abandoning the House Majority Leader at his moment of peril. According to the Washington Post, however, the conservative movement is not only supporting DeLay, but they are putting their credibility on the line in his defense.

The big wigs of the right are implementing their fearless stance for the symbol of their movement - Tom DeLay,

"The meeting was organized by Perkins; Edwin J. Feulner, president of the Heritage Foundation; and David A. Keene, chairman of the American Conservative Union. Keene said he told the attendees: "If we are a serious movement, we cannot allow one of our own to be attacked."

"Keene said the leaders will show their solidarity by announcing this week that they are holding a tribute dinner for DeLay on May 12 at the Capital Hilton, complete with a film "summation of what Tom has done for conservatives." Keene said 1,000 people are expected, and tickets will be about $200."

Unfortunately for these stalwart right wingers, they might have waited to read the new issue of Newsweek before they mounted their defense. Apparently, Jack Abramoff may soon be singing to the feds about the Bug Man,

"Everybody is lying," Abramoff told a former colleague. There are e-mails and records that will implicate others, he said. He was noticeably caustic about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. For years, nobody on Washington's K Street corridor was closer to DeLay than Abramoff. They were an unlikely duo. DeLay, a conservative Christian, and Abramoff, an Orthodox Jew, traveled the world together and golfed the finest courses. Abramoff raised hundreds of thousands for DeLay's political causes and hired DeLay's aides, or kicked them business, when they left his employ. But now DeLay, too, has problems -in part because of overseas trips allegedly paid for by Abramoff's clients. In response, DeLay and his aides have said repeatedly they were unaware of Abramoff's behind-the-scenes financing role. "Those S.O.B.s," Abramoff said last week about DeLay and his staffers, according to his luncheon companion. "DeLay knew everything. He knew all the details."

This is a clarifying moment. By identifying with DeLay, the right is telegraphing to the world that their once proud movement based on principle is now identified with a corrupt political establishment whose overriding objective is to hold onto power at all cost.

Thanks again, former comrades.
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