Monday, May 16, 2005

Accountability, Indeed

The Moose argues that accountability is a two-way street.

Newsweek has much to answer for. The magazine should have had more than a single source for such a flammable story that has triggered death and mayhem. That said, some extremists in the Islamic world hardly need an excuse to provoke riots and anti-American attacks. And the irony is that America has liberated more Muslims than any other country (Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan).

The Pentagon, of course, has expressed outrage over Newsweek's failure so far to issue a complete retraction of their story. This passage, in particular, caught the Moose's eye in the New York Times,

Lawrence Di Rita, the top spokesman for the Pentagon, called the editor's note "very tepid and qualified." He added later, "They owe us all a lot more accountability than they took."

Before the Pentagon strikes a holier than thou line on accountability, the civilian leadership there should take a hard look in the mirror. Secretary Rumsfeld and the gang have hardly stepped up to the plate regarding the horrific errors on their watch ranging from the failure to prepare for the Iraq occupation to Abu Ghraib.

Perhaps Newsweek is only following Rummy's example.
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