Monday, May 09, 2005


The Moose notes the rise of the right wing busybodies.

The Moose is hunkered down in his bomb shelter awaiting the nuclear conflagration. With the Lord as his Whip, Reverend Bill Frist M.D. is headed for pulling the trigger on the nuclear option. An inquiring Moose would like to know whether G-d calls the Majority Leader on a land line or a cell to deliver the latest vote counts in the battle to place persons of faith on the federal judiciary?

Republicans are oblivious to the notion that they are increasingly perceived as right wing busybodies who are willing to reverse conservative precedents to achieve their ends. That used to be the province of liberals, but the Frist/DeLay crowd are right-wing cross-dressers who wear the flamboyant garb and make-up of the liberals that they used to stigmatize as meddlesome and hubristic.

That became clear in the Schiavo episode when Dr. Frist, (Faithhealer- TN) and the Bugman used the long arm of the federal government to intervene in a family's tragedy. The GOP lost all credibility as the party of judicial restraint.

Even conservatives are becoming uncomfortable with their nanny state party. Consider this passage from an article by the ever-perceptive Andy Ferguson in the Weekly Standard (no link),

"A lack of modesty and self-restraint is one excellent reason Americans grew to despise liberals in the first place...Bush and his Republicans are close to proving that busy-bodyism can become a creature of the right as well as the left."

But then again, when you are righteous right wingers doing the Lord's work, why be bothered with the views of mere mortals?
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