Monday, May 23, 2005

Caution - Contents Flammable

The Moose warns the political establishment about a possible breakdown.

These are interesting times. The public is souring on the behavior of Congress. They increasingly believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. We are on the eve of a nuclear showdown in the Senate. The war in Iraq is not improving, and it appears that Iran's influence is increasing there.

Senator McCain well described our current predicament yesterday on Fox News Sunday,

"I note that polling numbers and approval for Congress is down to where it was in 1994.

I think we have, unfortunately, a tendency to forget that we're in a war. Young Americans are dying every day. We have the threat of Al Qaeda and the war on terrorism. We have an unprotected border. We have Social Security, not to mention a burgeoning deficit.

Understandably, to me, the American people's priorities are not those being displayed by the Congress today, particularly in the United States Senate.

The level of rhetoric has reached a point that's really not helpful to the institution or to the individuals who are part of it."

It is always perilous to project current trends into the future. However, if the parties continue to endlessly bicker and the war does not improve, expect the American people to begin to lose their patience with the political establishment. That is obviously bad news for the party in power, but it does not necessarily translate into huge benefits for the Democrats unless voters view them as an outsider force. Simply put, they have to be seen as part of the solution and not part of the problem.

There is a vacuum in American politics that exists separate and apart from the red and blue state dichotomy. The Moose calls it the red, white and blue opportunity. It could be filled by a straight talker who puts the national interest before narrow partisan or special interests. He or she would dare to ask sacrifice from the broader population and not limit it to our brave soldiers. This candidate would transcend the petty Washington bickering.

Will someone step forward? It could get even more interesting...
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