Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Darfur Silence

The Moose wonders why dying Africans do not receive as much attention from this President as discarded embryos?

This President prides himself about promoting a "culture of life", yet he is generally mute when it comes to the genocide in Darfur. The invaluable Nicholas Kristof writes in the New York Times,

"Today marks Day 141 of Mr. Bush's silence on the genocide, for he hasn't let the word Darfur slip past his lips publicly since Jan. 10 (even that was a passing reference with no condemnation).

There are several points I could make to argue that it's in our own interest to help Darfur. Turmoil in Darfur is already destabilizing all of Sudan and neighboring Chad as well, both oil-exporting countries. And failed states nurture terrorists like Osama and diseases like polio, while exporting refugees and hijackers."

Please read the rest of this column which captures the hell of one family in Darfur. Perhaps the culture of life crew at the White House can bring Darfur refugees to the East Room for a photo-op to focus on the horror of that region. After all, they had time for the "snowflake babies."

Democrats are not without blame for their silence, either. With the notable exception of Senator Corzine, few Democrats have focused on the Darfur genocide. It would have been useful to address this issue during the Bolton nomination hearings since the nominee has notably opposed "humanitarian" interventions.

Both parties must give meaning to the term "pro-life."

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