Friday, May 13, 2005

Defensive DeLayicans

The Moose sheds a tear for the DeLayicans.

The Moose is a charitable mammal. He can empathize with two-legged beasts who are in pain. The Moose is a virtual Dr. Phil when he is in the presence of folks who are in obvious hurt. Contrary to the headline in today's New York Times, DeLay takes the Offensive in Address to Supporters, the Moose observed a Bug Man and a movement in pain and denial.

Somehow the Moose's invitation to last night's conservative tribute to the Majority Leader must have gotten lost in the mail (you know how incompetent that socialist Postal Service is). Consequently, he had to watch it on C-Span from the confines of the Moose's lair. Although DeLay made a valiant effort to buck up the crowd, the wistful mood of the attendees was evident. Even the Bug Man appeared to wear a forced smile throughout the evening.

Although conservatives control the executive and legislative branches (and are on the verge of dominating the judiciary), the right whines like helpless and hapless victims. These crabby cons are a embittered crowd. There is little joy in DeLayville. The big bad press does them wrong (President Clinton and might share their complaint).

The socialist Democrats persecute their virgin leader (refresh the Moose's memory - where was DeLay when his fellow Texan, Jim Wright, was under attack?). Oh, and don' t they realize that the Bug Man is a upright pillar of Christian morality who always puts principles first (unfortunately his old buddy Casino Jack Abramoff was not on hand to deliver a toast)?

The Moose was puzzled why the Speaker and any official from the Bush Administration were absent from the dais. Was this a matter of creating some distance from the leader of the cause?

Couldn't have W. ventured down the street and paid homage to the man who shepherded his legislative agenda through the House - or was there a riveting mountain bike race on ESPN-2?

The New York Times reports on the no-show of the leader of the leave us alone coalition along with DeLay's House colleagues,

"Absent from the dais was one of Mr. DeLay's most outspoken defenders, Mr. Norquist, who was listed in the program as a sponsor. Earlier in the day he described the event as an important show of support for the majority leader.

But Mr. Norquist was not visible at the dinner and seats at his group's table remained empty. Nor was there any high-powered representative from the White House at the event.

When one speaker, Bob Livingston, a former representative from Louisiana, asked current and former member of Congress to stand up, the showing was relatively sparse, perhaps two dozen."

The Moose asks, Where is the love? Oh, how unlovely is the ingratitude.

The Moose is concerned about the melancholy of the conservatives. Are they just spoiled by the spoils of power? It may be that they were far more satisfied when they once were an insurgent movement. They are in need of a revolutionary leader to help them return to their buoyant old selves. Tom DeLay is so yesterday with his golf junkets around the world. The right needs someone to lift their spirits so they can once again connect with their inner outsider.

It's Gingrich time!
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