Thursday, May 12, 2005

Deficit of Decency

The Moose wonders whether a certain Democrat has no shame.

Given his background, the Moose is the last to cast judgment on someone who has a political change of heart. While it is one thing for former Senator Zell Miller to have endorsed President Bush, it is entirely another matter for him to lend his support to Reverend Ralph Reed's campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. The Moose's colleague, the New Donkey who knows Zell well, shares this view.

The Moose cautions Mooseketeers that this link is not for the faint of heart. It announces the following,

"Ralph Reed for Lt. Governor presents Family and Freedom Rally featuring Sean Hannity and Senator Zell Miller Friday, June 17, 2005"

And this is the kicker,

BONUS: Zell Miller will sign copies of his new book, A Deficit of Decency

To borrow from another era, the Moose asks, Senator, have you no shame?

Speaking of "Deficit of Decency", Senator Miller, you are now promoting a candidate who was an architect of a vicious attack on your fellow Georgia Democrat and war hero, Max Cleland in 2002. You are now flacking for a fellow who undertook the vile campaign in the South Carolina primary against John McCain in 2000. You are a backing a fella who was a collaborator with Casino Jack Abramoff in the Indian Gaming Scandal. Or do you buy Ralph's line that he was only the piano player at the Republican bordello? Senator, you were born, but not yesterday.

Senator, you did much good for the people of Georgia as their Governor. There are many fine, upstanding Republicans for you to support, if you must. But, be a little discerning... or is there really a "deficit of decency."
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