Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Faith Healer

The Moose believes that the donkey has an opening to reach out to the religious faithful.

Pat Robertson's bizarre view that liberal judges are a more serious threat to America than Al Qaeda couldn't represent the views of most social conservative voters. And certainly the overwhelming majority of religiously observant Americans are repulsed by Robertson's neo-anti-Americanism. "Neo-anti-Americanism" may seem to be a harsh description of Robertson's views until one considers that he believes that his fellow Americans with whom he disagrees are a greater threat to the nation than the 9/11 terrorists.

Surely, many people of faith are not enlisted in the DeLayicans cultural war. While they may be pro-life, they do not necessarily share the views of the GOP judicial nominees that the progressive reforms in worker and environmental protections of the past century should be reversed.

Some on the left make a major error in characterizing religiously conservative folks as forming a monolith. The Moose has pointed out, the largest evangelical organization has taken impressive stands concerning climate change and poverty. While there certainly won't be complete agreement between the left and evangelicals, there is room to begin a dialogue.

The point is to separate the sensible center from the raging Reverends of the right such as Falwell and Robertson. That will not be accomplished by blithely dismissing all social conservatives as extremists and beyond the pale.

Democrats should approach evangelicals the way that Rove is reaching out to the Latino and African American communities - not to win a majority but to peel a percentage away from the other party. The Democrats need a missionary to the religiously observant and the Moose nominates Senator Barack Obama. He proved in his speech at the Democratic convention that he has an understanding and comfort level with people of faith and can eloquently articulate their values. Senator Obama should pursue speaking engagements at mega-churches around the country to spread the progressive faith message.

The right wing faith vision of intolerance and subservience to Mammon should not be without competition. The state is not the only threat to the moral environment - the marketplace has also polluted the culture and created a hole in our moral ozone.

Wanted - progressive moral environmentalists.
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