Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Right Rage

The Moose finds that there are some theatrics in the right's rage.

The conservative movement is in a full throated feverish fury over the Senate judicial deal. Even oxycontyn cannot relieve the pain. We are now witnessing the judicial equivalent of the 1950's right wing debate over "Who lost China?".

It is curious why the right is in such a state because they will gain two conservative judges on the appellate courts whose nominations were previously in limbo. While they did not achieve the elimination of the filibuster, the agreement is only a temporary reprieve.

Part of the anger can be explained by the unrealized expectations that were initially raised by Dr. Frist. But a significant amount of this right wing rage should be interpreted as elevating the stakes for the eventual Supreme Court vacancy. Dobson, Weyrich and company are sending a signal to the White House that they will not be satisfied with tepid and safe nominees.

The agreement may be a temporary cease fire and nuclear exchanges could still be possible as early as this summer. The raging righteous right will see to it.
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