Tuesday, May 03, 2005


A provocative Moose avers that KarlRove.com loves MoveOn.org.

The Moose appreciates the contribution of the internet in generating political energy and resources. That said, it is very clear that the "net roots" do not necessarily represent the grass roots. Exhibit A was the Pew Poll on the Deaniacs.

What is particularly annoying are the divisive, ideological rigid, litmus test types who inhabit cyberspace. For example, the Moose has been stewing for weeks about the MoveOn ad attacks on House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer.

Hoyer angered the cyber-lefties by supporting the bankruptcy bill. The Moose happens to think that was bad legislation which burdens working people to the advantage of big money. If fiscal irresponsibility is the issue, put the GOP in Chapter 11.

While Hoyer was wrong on this single piece of legislation, he is right on about everything else. If it hadn't been the bankruptcy bill, the MoveOn folks would have found something else on which to attack Hoyer. What probably really angers the anti-war crowd is that Hoyer is a hawk.

For almost twenty-five years, Steny has been a tribune of progressive values in the House. The Moose suspects that some of his lefty critics were in elementary school learning about legislation by watching a "Bill on the Hill" while Steny was fighting for working folks in the Maryland legislature and in the House. Better than most Democrats, he understands, and is attempting to address the party's weaknesses in the areas of values and national security.

Karl Rove wants the Democrats to be perceived as being the party of MoveOn.org rather than Steny Hoyer. And at a time of increasing divisions within the Republican ranks, it is particularly unhelpful for MoveOn to engage in internecine Democratic warfare. They are objectively doing the bidding of the White House. If they want to undermine a Democratic leader, MoveOn donors could just give directly to the RNC and eliminate the middle man.

The problem in America is not occasional Democratic apostasy, but rather Republican dominance of our political life. The donkey's ideological diversity is a strength not a liability. The political commissars of MoveOn are simply making Karl Rove's job much easier.

The Moose wants to make it much harder.
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