Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Toby Keith Democrat

If the Moose was a Democrat, he'd be a Toby Keith Democrat.

The Moose has eclectic musical tastes. As a youth, he was particularly fond of country rock. That tradition was best represented by the old Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin where you could hear the likes of Commander Cody and Lost Planet Airmen. Other Moose favorites were the New Riders of the Purple Sage and, of course, Kinky Friedman and the Texas Jewboys ("They Aint Makin Jews Like Jesus Anymore").

As the Moose enters life's seventh inning stretch, he finds himself tuning into C&W stations (a particularly good live stream comes from KPLX, the Wolf in Dallas with a morning traffic reporter who is a scream). And the Moose is big fan of Toby Keith, who may be a good role model for Democrats who are struggling to reach Red State America.

Consider this passage from a Washington Post review of Toby's new release,

"No matter where you squat on the political spectrum, chances are good that, at some point, you've hated Toby Keith. The ornery Oklahoman wouldn't have it any other way, of course -- especially since he's moved more than 20 million albums mainly by being so unpredictable. His 9/11 battle cry, 2002's "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)," was an ugly blast of jingoism that commenced a feud with left-leaning Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. But Keith describes himself as a Democrat (albeit a very conservative one); he even hangs out with noted Dem Willie Nelson. Heck, one of Keith's most likable hits, 2003's "I Love This Bar," is a touchy-feely anthem of tolerance."

That pretty much describes the Moose - a tolerant jingoist. If Toby had opened the '04 Democratic Convention with "Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue", old John Kerry would likely occupy the Oval Office. Democrats - say no to Michael Moore and yes to Toby Keith!
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