Thursday, May 05, 2005

Tony's Terrific

The Moose wishes the British P.M. well.

In a few hours, Tony Blair and the Labour Party will likely prevail in the British elections. That is a good thing for us who graze in the progressive political center. While some bicker with Tony's views on the Iraq war, it is indisputable that he has been a loyal friend, not of Bush, but of America. During the Clinton years, Blair was also our nation's most dependable ally to prevent genocide in Kosovo.

Blair and Clinton blazed a third way path that at least temporarily caused international conservatism to lose their mojo. By transforming his party, Blair likely consigned the Tories to minority status for many years to come. He did not move Labour to the right. Rather, he modernized progressivism in Great Britain. He removed the shackles of socialism and enabled the Labour Party both to embrace capitalist prosperity and social justice.

In contrast, the modernization of the American left was aborted by the impeachment of Clinton. That is an effort that must be re-started if Democrats are to become the majority party once again. The Tony Benn types are no longer a significant factor in the British Labour party while their American MoveOn.org comrades are considered important by some Democrats.

Who will seize the standard of progressive modernization in America? Who will promote social justice, economic prosperity, moral values and a muscular foreign policy? That person will likely be the next President of the United States.

Meanwhile, good luck, Tony.
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