Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Win's a Win

The Moose takes issue with those who would devalue Tony's Triumph.

A win is a win, particularly if it is a historical one. That is the Moose's view of the British Labour Party's victory. Yes, the margin was reduced, but that was probably inevitable the third time around. What is significant is that this is the first time in the party's century old history that a third straight victory was accomplished. Not bad at all.

Blair is a Churchillian figure in the war against Islamist extremism. However, he paid a price with a public that is increasingly opposed to their country's involvement in Iraq. That should not necessarily be interpreted that he will go wobbly if another threat emerges. He is a principled leader at a time when others in Europe have vacillated and wavered.

The Bush Administration was another factor that contributed to Labour's reduced margin. President Bush has failed abysmally in public diplomacy with the world. He refuses to even consider European concerns such as climate change. Political donors always come first for the Bushies. John Bolton will certainly not help matters, either.

A Washington Post editorial puts it nicely today,

"It's also that, in standing by America's side, Mr. Blair has been a discreet but persistent advocate for America's better instincts. In his 2003 address, Mr. Blair told Congress what it might have wanted to hear: "There is no more dangerous theory in international politics today than that we need to balance the power of America with other competitor powers." But he did not stop with those reassuring words. "And what America must do is show that this is a partnership built on persuasion, not command," he went on. "Let us start preferring a coalition and acting alone if we have to, not the other way round. True, winning wars is not easier that way, but winning the peace is. And we have to win both."

Tony Blair has made a far reaching contribution to the advance of progressivism. He has shown that it is possible to project strength and justice, prosperity and fairness. The only hope that the Tories have is for Old Labour to make a comeback.

So, congratulations, Mr. Prime Minister.
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