Thursday, June 02, 2005

Attack of the Nixonoids

The Moose notes the emergence of the Nixon Big House Vets for Deceit.

With the revelation of the identity of Deep Throat, the Nixon Felon Brigade is out in force. The Nixon Big House Vets for Deceit are attempting to replicate the success of the Swift Boat Vets. Instead of Kerry, their target is Mark Felt.

Forget about the trashing of the constitution- Felt's "betrayal" must be punished! Upright law and order types like Liddy and Colson are now lecturing us on ethics. Talk about defining deviancy down! Chuck - what would Jesus do - keep his trap shut to defend criminality? The Tricky Dick Vets are ably assisted by their Communications Director and Gauleiter Pat Buchanan who is taking a much deserved break from his efforts to discredit the Allies' decision to fight the Nazis.

Yes, the right has learned much since the Old Man went down in '74. Never defend, always attack. Deflect attention from Nixon's crimes with the charge of disloyalty. Make Felt the criminal. Never retreat. Always advance. The media is the enemy. Vietnam was lost by the quislings on the home front. Of course, we want strict constitutionalists on the court. But if the constitution is an impediment to power - it is only a document for sissies.

... And Spiro was framed!
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