Wednesday, June 29, 2005


The President’s speech last night will likely be quickly forgotten. We heard nothing new, but nothing was expected. The facts on the ground will determine the fate of this war, not words. We are now at a point that a speech does not matter, only reality.

The insurgency will be vanquished or it will not. The Iraqis will assume their own defense, or they will not. Chaos will diminish, or it will not. Americans will leave, or we cannot. Public patience with the war will collapse, or it will hold.

The President again restated the tie between the overall war against terror and Iraq. Whatever one thought about the link before the intervention, it is certainly true now. That is why we must prevail in Iraq regardless of the validity of the original claim. With all of his errors, mendacity and demagoguery, the President has led us to the point to where there is no turning back. His domestic political opponents are placed in a position where they must hope for his and our nation’s success. Defeat would come at an unacceptable price for our country and result in a precious victory for the terrorist foe.

Those who will truly bear the burden are our brave soldiers and their families. We are humbled by their courage and their service. If only the President possessed the capacity to call on the rest of our country to give more. He does not. That is the nature of our current leadership.

Support our troops.
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