Monday, June 20, 2005

The Great CTJ Confessional

Pastor Moose suggests this is the moment for sinners to beg for salvation.

Isn't this a time for a new beginning in Washington? Let the healing begin with the great confessional and let it begin today. Perhaps, we can have a D.C. Come to Jesus moment for an outpouring of humility? Let's hold the orgy of contrition on the front steps of the Capitol this Sunday!

Republicans have spent the past few days braying for an apology from Senator Durbin for his unfortunate comments on Gitmo. So, let him ask our troops for their forgiveness for allegedly disparaging their service. And Dr. Frist can get on his knees and apologize for politicizing a family's tragedy to advance his political ambitions. Tom DeLay can say he's sorry for turning the House into a bordello for high roller customers.

Then, Commander in Chief can come before the American people and ask for forgiveness for his obscene Mission Accomplished photo-op on the Lincoln in May,2003. Together, W. and Rummy can offer apologies for their failure to devise an occupation plan and to provide adequate troops and equipment.

Embracing the President's culture of responsibility, Rummy then can tearfully tender his resignation.

The Vice President can show some humility and tell the American people he lied when he suggested that the insurgency was in its last throes. Chuck Colson certainly will help him through this unique display of humanity and humility.

The Moose believes that everyone will benefit from unburdening themselves of their sins. It is the only path to salvation in this City of Satan. Maybe, we can follow with an old-fashion mass baptism in the reflecting pool.

Praised be Jesus!
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