Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Hoover's Man Got His Man

The Moose is savoring the delicious irony.

After years of keeping an eye on the left and assorted dissenters, Mr. Hoover's FBI got its man - Richard Nixon. The revelation that a protege of J.Edgar, Mark Felt, was deep throat is mega-ironic. Nixon shared Hoover's sentiments. But in the end it was neither the commies nor the liberals who were the source of the Old Man's undoing. It was the FBI.

This revelation is a blow to the right's version of Watergate. It was not a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy that engineered a coup. Rather, it was a button-down G Man who told the truth.

It is also ironic that last week at this time America was lamenting a government leak that proved to be at least partially false. Now, we are celebrating the mother of all leakers who brought down a crooked President.

Life is indeed very interesting.
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