Monday, June 06, 2005

Piously Pandering Perry

The Moose quotes Texas gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman that "they aint making Jews like Jesus anymore."

That observation was prompted by the Texas Governor's Sunday signing of a law requiring parental consent for a minor's abortion. What was notable was not necessarily the legislation but the venue where the embattled Governor signed the law on God's day - a Christian evangelical school. The New York Times reports,

"Mr. Perry, who may face a tough primary challenge next year, described the event as "pro-family, pro-life" and nonpartisan. On a dais before a cheering crowd of close to 1,000 churchgoers and leaders of evangelical ministries, he signed a bill passed during this session of the Texas Legislature requiring girls under 18 to obtain their parents' consent before having an abortion. Previously, they needed only to notify their parents.

"We may be on the grounds of a Christian church, but we all believe in standing up for the unborn," Mr. Perry said."

What Governor Good Hair is really standing up for is his political survival from a potential primary challenge from Senator Hutchison. In fact, the former Aggie is so desperate he's calling in support from Jews for Jesus -

"Rabbi David Stone of the Beth Yeshua Messianic Jewish Congregation in Fort Worth, was, in fact, present and gave the closing benediction. The group believes that Jesus was the Messiah, a tenet heretical to traditional Jews."

Nice touch, Governor!

However, not all men of the cloth were impressed by the Godly panderfest,

"The Rev. Robin Lovin, a Methodist minister and an S.M.U. professor holding the Maguire Chair in Ethics, said, "There are lots of reasons to go to church on Sunday, but making laws isn't one of them."

While the Moose is a Mammal for Moses, he believes that Godly Governor Perry can serve as an inspiration for Dr. Frist (Faith Healer - TN) who has run into a rough patch in his pandering journey. Perhaps, Frist can convene the Senate over at the McLean Bible Church in Virginia where the Senior Pastor is a Board Member of Jews for Jesus.

Given his faltering prospects for '08, Frist should make certain that he is covered on both the Old and New Testaments!

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