Monday, June 06, 2005

The Summer Offensive

The Moose urges Mooseketeers to prepare themselves for the Bush summer offensive.

The next two months could be critical to the future of the Bush Presidency and the Republican hold on power. Since the inauguration, Bush has been falling in popularity and his agenda has stalled. His social security plan has been a dud. Divisions within the GOP have opened over social issues. Frist dropped the ball on the nuclear option. The economy seems to be mediocre and the public is fearful about future prospects.

Most importantly, the situation in Iraq has not improved since the January election. If anything, it has gotten worse. The President's standing on the domestic front has been fundamentally linked to his effectiveness as Commander in Chief. Prior to 9-11, his domestic agenda was floundering. With the war on terror receding in the public's consciousness and the Iraq war losing popular support, the President's standing is similar to the period immediately preceding that tragic day.

So what does a increasingly lame duck do when he is cornered? He attacks. The M.O. of this Administration is to never retreat, even when the situation seems to dictate compromise and accommodation.

Beginning this week expect the Bushies to launch a fierce counter-offensive against the Democratic insurgents to regain control over the capital. They will move a form of social security privatization through the the Senate and House. More right wing judicial nominations will be offered. A showdown is imminent over one or more Supreme Court vacancies. And Dr. Frist has much to make up for in his failing panderfest to the right.

The Moose is somewhat optimistic about the Democratic prospects. Senator Reid has proven to be a wily Democratic leader in the mold of George Mitchell. Indeed, much of the summer showdown will be a smackdown between Frist and Reid.

The Moose puts his money down with the pugilist from Searchlight.
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