Friday, June 17, 2005

Summertime Fantasy

The Moose fantasizes on a summer day.

January, 2009 - In his inaugural address, President McCain today challenged Americans "to enlist in causes greater than their self interest." He decried the past period of "petty, partisan polarization" and pledged to bring the country together with a new politics that puts "patriotism before party." After being sworn in along with Vice President Bob Kerrey, President McCain announced that he would reverse the Bush tax cuts for the prosperous and use the money to rebuild the military and eliminate the deficit.

Political pundits remain skeptical that President McCain can enact his bold legislative agenda of energy independence, public financing of elections, reform of the tax code, rebuilding the military and universal national service. But, those same commentators failed to predict the stunning victory of the McCain-Kerrey Independent Bull Moose ticket. Although the new "national unity" party failed to gain 270 electoral college votes, the ticket was able to win a majority coalition of Democratic and Republican votes after the race was thrown into the House of Representatives.

Defeated candidates Democrat Senator Russ Feingold and his Republican counterpart Sam Brownback both promised to work with the new McCain-Kerrey Administration. President McCain has asked Senator Feingold to help lead the effort to pass the public financing bill. And the new Chief Executive has requested the assistance of Senator Brownback to assist with his Darfur initiative.

Asked by Don Imus on his morning radio program whether the new bi-partisan Administration could successfully break the Washington partisan gridlock, prominent McCain-Kerrey supporter and Texas Governor Kinky Friedman replied,

"Why the hell not? If a Jewish country singer can revitalize the Lone Star State then surely an old Navy hero can correct the course of the ship of state."

Then the Moose was jolted back to reality. Or maybe not...
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