Sunday, June 26, 2005

Teddy Bears

The Moose salutes and honors the American soldier.

Amidst all of the stories of the death and destruction in Iraq, too often we overlook the fundamental decency of the American soldier. Yes, there has been the exception - Abu Grhaib - but that clearly is an anomaly. While one can question the wisdom of the intervention, there should be no controversy that our military is more humane (by the standards of war) than any army in the history of the world. Indeed, the U.S. Armed Services have liberated millions and millions of human beings, including the people of Iraq. We should never overlook that fundamental fact.

The Moose was reminded of the decency of the American soldier by the story in the Saturday New York Times about the recent deaths of female Marines,

"The women had an important role in Falluja, because in Iraq the American practice has been to assign only women to pat down women and girls passing in and out of the city. The girls going through the checkpoints often appear afraid, so the American women requested donations of teddy bears to give them. They recently arrived from the United States."

The world can protest America's action in Iraq. Americans can have their own differences over the war. But at this time of deep division and doubt at home - we can be united in our pride for our fighting men and women.

We are humbled by their courage and decency.
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