Friday, June 24, 2005

Thank You, Karl!

The Moose expresses his appreciation to the President's main man.

My Dearest Karl,

Thank you so much for your remarks about terrorist coddling liberals and Democrats the other night. You so rarely reveal yourself to us! Back in South Carolina, you had the likes of brothers Ralph Reed and Pat Robertson execute your dirty work. In Texas, you usually operated in the shadows. Back in '04, your Swifties took out Kerry.

But on Wednesday night, you showed the entire world how you operate. Perhaps you thought that your polarizing rhetoric that you would divert attention from the Senate Rumsfeld hearing on Thursday. But, just look what is on the front page of the New York Times this morning,

"The top American commander for the Middle East said Thursday that the insurgency in Iraq had not diminished, seeming to contradict statements by Vice President Dick Cheney in recent days that the insurgents were in their "last throes."

"Though he declined during his Congressional testimony to comment directly on Mr. Cheney's statements, the commander, Gen. John P. Abizaid, said that more foreign fighters were coming into Iraq and that the insurgency's "overall strength is about the same" as it was six months ago. "There's a lot of work to be done against the insurgency," he added."

I'm sorry, Karl, it just doesn't seem that the story of the Administration's mendacity and mishaps will go away. But the Moose is truly amazed by the Administration's powers to unite diverse Americans. You have brought together Ted Kennedy and Bill Kristol - they both think that Rummy should go!

But Karl, you have performed a great service for the nation and for the party - the Democratic Party, that is. With you comments, you have brought together old Democrats, new Democrats, liberal Democrats, moderate Democrats, conservative Democrats, fat Democrats, thin Democrats, Christian Democrats, Jewish Democrats, Muslim Democrats, Pagan Democrats, Dennis Kucinich Democrats, Joe Lieberman Democrats, meat eating Democrats, vegetarian Democrats, Daily Kos Democrats, Bull Moose Democrats, New Donkey Democrats, Atrios Democrats, MoveOn Democrats and DLC Democrats.

You are truly a uniter and not a divider.

The Moose has even spoken with some of his old right wing buddies who are appalled and puzzled by you remarks. Karl, the Moose is concerned - have you lost your touch? Do you need to get away?

There will probably be a lot of pressure on you to apologize today. Please, please, please stand your ground. Progressives would prefer that this story would stick around for a few days. Heck, it could be the rallying cry for '06.

How can the Moose express his sincere gratitude to you? Keep it up, good buddy!


The Moose
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