Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The Moose observes that the right is very flexible when it comes to the rule of law.

It is striking how indifferent the right has been about the Plame leak. It seems likely that someone in the Administration leaked the name of a covert operative. If it had been in a Democratic Administration, the right would be in a fury. "Rule of law" would be the slogan on the banner that the right would wave as they would take to battle. Charges of treason would be the talking point of the day.

When the Moose traveled in conservative circles in the late '90's he would often argue that impeachment was the product of legal phenomena that conservatives opposed on principle - the independent prosecutor statute and frivolous litigation. In essence, the right was pursuing impeachment by any means necessary - even by means they once opposed on principle.

The response by the right was that they were upholding the "rule of law". "Perjury" was perjury - even it was obtained by the unprincipled means of entrapment. Principles be damned - they were "defending" the constitution.

Of course, the right was not terribly concerned about the principles of federalism or opposing judicial activism in Bush v. Gore or in the recent Schiavo situation. The principle of limited government was cast aside long ago for pork barrel incumbent protection and for the benefit of their corporate cronies in the Medicare drug bill. Ultimately, it is all about power.

Conservatives are the new moral relativists. If you don't believe the Moose, just ask Ralph Reed, Jack Abramoff, Grover Norquist, Tom DeLay, and yes, Karl Rove. They came to power in '94 promising to tame the power of government - now they are enamored by it.

Conservatives have made the ultimate faustian bargain. Can conservatism survive conservatives? Perhaps, the solution is to create a new organization - Conservatives Anonymous.

Hello, I'm the Moose and I'm a recovering conservative!
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