Friday, July 08, 2005


The Moose is all about preventing the wussification of W.

Let W. be W! As a fellow native of the Lone Star State, the Moose is seeking to allow the President to connect with his inner Texan. W must stand by his buddy, the Attorney General, and not cave into pressure from the right wing judicial mob.

Consequently, the Moose is forming the Committee Against the Wimpification and Wussification of W (CAWWW). The Committee will launch an all-out crusade (why allow the fundies to enjoy a monopoly) to enable the President to nominate his pal to the SCOTUS. E-Mails, television and newspaper ads, mass marches will be forthcoming.

The Moose is all about heightening the contradictions among the Republicans. The strategy (or strategery for you Bushies) is to pit the religious right against the GOP moderates. The White House is now attempting to intimidate the conservatives into silence about Gonzales. But the Moose has confidence that his former colleagues will not relent in their opposition.

Although the Moose has no dog in this fight (he has his doubts about Gonzales particularly on his obeisance to corporate power), it is important to create tensions within the GOP. And the conservatives will certainly be demoralized if the President nominated his pal. Otherwise, the White House is likely to both win approval of another more conservative nominee and also energize the base for '06.

The Moose is under no illusions. It is highly unlikely if not impossible that Gonzales will be nominated. The nominee must have the effect on the base that they fall to their knees and thank the Lord - that is the political imperative within an increasingly politically imperiled GOP.

However, on the outside chance that the CAWW is successful - the Committee will then immediately launch the Let Gonzales be Souter campaign. George H.W. Bush was right!

Demoralize the right!
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