Monday, July 25, 2005

Progressive Center Alive and Kicking

The Moose avers that netroots are fine but grassroots are finer.

The Moose is grazing in America's heartland at the DLC's National Conversation in Columbus, Ohio. Hundreds of Democratic elected leaders from across the red and blue states are in attendance. For those who lament from the right and the left about the decline of the democratic center, the Moose declares, "Let them come to Columbus."

The elected officials who are in attendance represent the future of progressivism in America. In a relatively conservative country, they have proven that smart progressives can both get elected and govern effectively. These folks will be the future Governors, Representatives and Senators. One of them might be a President someday.

What the Moose especially appreciates about this conference is that it is not about merely speechifying. There are innumerable workshops on how to advance the Democratic message. For instance, the Moose is participating in sessions on values issues and what can we learn from the conservative publicity machine.

This is an event that accentuates the positive. Leave it to others to talk about internal divisions within the party or nasty polarizing polemics. While someone from the daily kosy (misspelling intended) confines of Beserkely might utter ominous McCarthyite warnings about the "enemy within", here in Columbus constructive committed crusaders for progressivism are discussing ways to win back the hearts of the heartland. This is a time for Democrats to be ecumenical rather than suggesting a pious inquisition.

An upbeat Moose who is inspired and motivated by what he is seeing declares, "Gray skies are going to clear up, put on a happy face!"
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