Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Rahm's Reformers

The Moose is heartened by Rahm's Reformers.

As the Moose noted in the previous missive, reform must become a national message for the donkey. That process has been set in motion by the efforts of Congressman Rahm Emanuel's Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The Washington Post reports today,

"Democrats took their first formal step yesterday toward trying to nationalize next year's midterm House elections around the issue of ethics, buying ads in the local papers of six Republican lawmakers calling on them to "start working for us" instead of special interests.

"The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is spending $36,000 on the ads -- a virtually meaningless sum, by itself -- but calls it the beginning of a campaign to fuel an anti-incumbent fever like the one that swept its party out in 1994."

Then, Congressman Emanuel nails it,

"There's a question about the conduct and the culture that goes beyond the individuals," said Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), the committee's chairman. "The speaker's gavel is supposed to open the people's house, not the auction house."

Evidently, some down at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are getting a bit nervous,

"Even White House officials have begun to fret about the large number of senior Republicans being tied to questionable travel and relationships with lobbyists. On Friday, federal agents raided the San Diego area home of Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, one of the ad targets. The search followed news reports that he had sold a house to a defense contractor, who immediately put it back up for sale and took a huge loss."

Smart Republicans who experienced the revolution of '94 have to see some similarities between the Washington culture of back then and today. That is why it is good news that some Democratic leaders are seizing this opportunity.
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