Thursday, July 21, 2005

Schumer's Favor for Conservatives

The Moose observes that conservatives are not particularly confident about their creed.

John Roberts is considered a smart nominee because he lacks a record. Yes, he has served in two Republican Administrations and has built a four-star legal career with a top law firm. But it is striking that he has not constructed his own record on his own presumably conservative views.

Of course, the Moose is assuming that Roberts is a conservative. But at every opportunity when he has been asked about the controversial cases with which he has been associated, he has demurred that those positions weren't necessary his. So what are his views?

Perhaps the path to legal success is paved with obfuscation. After all, Justice Thomas apparently didn't give a thought to Roe v. Wade before he sat on the bench. Pretty amazing, huh?

The Moose suggests that the reason may be that conservatives aren't all that confident or honest about their views. If you really believe that abortion is killing then it would seem that you would scream to the high heavens about the mass murder of millions. You certainly wouldn't evade the question about the apparent wanton killing of babies.

Smart conservatives who aren't shills for the Bushies have every reason to be concerned about Roberts. He may very well be a right-to-lifer. His wife is and that is significant in pro-life circles. But if Roberts agrees with his wife, why is he afraid to say it? If asked by Senators, he would readily answer whether he was against child abuse or slavery. Why not mass murder (if you accept that premise about abortion)?

Senator Schumer is not just acting on behalf of liberals when he indicates that he wants answers from Mr. Roberts on Roe v. Wade. Schumer is also carrying water for the millions of right-to-lifers who supported Bush and have the right to know whether Roberts believes that the law should protect presumably the most innocent and vulnerable in our society.

Chuck Schumer, conservative hero!
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