Thursday, July 07, 2005

We Are All Brits Now

The Moose expresses his solidarity with the British people.

This morning's terrorist attack in London reminds us of the evil that continues to confront civilized people. In the past year, our politics has largely returned to a pre-9/11 banality. Stories of shark attacks, missing persons and celebrity trials have begun to dominate our attention. This event was a bracing return to reality.

The London explosions are a horrible reminder that we are at war with an insidious force that seeks appeasement from free people. That was the clear intent of last year's train attack in Madrid. However, Tony Blair is a leader who will not capitulate. He is a model of progressive resolve. All Americans, and particularly progressives, must stand with him and the people he leads.

This is a time that should force our own leaders to acquire perspective. Whatever partisan differences we have between us, our nation continues to face a terrorist threat. Our fiscal priorities must reflect that reality - homeland security remains inadequate and the military is stretched to the limit. This is the true crisis that demands our primary attention.

The fight against terrorism is this generation's "1776". Paradoxically, though, perhaps a public display of the Union Jack in America is in order.
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