Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Gingrich v. DeLay

The Moose predicts that the Newt will become the scourge of the Delayicans.

Now that Casino Jack Abramoff has performed his first perp walk, the reality of the corruption of the Republican establishment may begin entering the public consciousness. Indeed, the fall may bring a couple of significant indictments as the Federal taskforce on the Indian gaming scandal takes action and the Plame affair comes to a head.

Enter the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. For the past few years, Newt has been enduring his own private political Elba. But, as of late, he has been making important stirrings. He has indicated that he indeed might be interested in a 2008 Presidential campaign. He is venturing out to Iowa. Newt has also made a meritorious and intriguing suggestion that there should be bi-partisan candidate debates during the Presidential primaries.

Does a Gingrich '08 run sound far-fetched? Perhaps, but initial polls demonstrate he still has a following among the GOP faithful. And he is perfectly situated to run against the "betrayal" of the 1994 Republican revolution that has fallen into a big government, big money, big corruption abyss.

Gingrich will not limit his attacks to his former GOP colleagues. Certainly some Democrats have engaged in cronyism and corruption of a lesser scale. And Democrats should not be reluctant to take on the corruption issue because some of their fellow party members may fall victim to the focus. As Frank Foer avers,

"So, why are the Dems so reluctant to plunge into this issue? Some on the Hill suggest that Democrats are just as implicated as Republicans in this mess. In other words, they want to protect their friends. But while some Democrats are implicated, there's no denying that one party is more implicated. And this is a pretty lame (moral and political) reason for lying low, when such a nice gift has landed in your lap."

There has been no love lost over the years between DeLay and Gingrich. The Bugman was one of the architects of the Newt's demise. As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold and Newt might get his licks in by exposing a venal GOP establishment even if he doesn't get the nomination in '08.

Run Newt, run!
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