Friday, August 26, 2005

Kudos to Clark

The Moose praises the General.

Wes Clark proves that one doesn't have to be a supporter of the Iraq war to believe that we must win there. The retired General has an important piece in today's Washington Post in which he offers a plan for victory.

Clark writes,

"In the old, familiar fashion, mounting U.S. casualties in Iraq have mobilized increasing public doubts about the war. More than half the American people now believe that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. They're right. But it would also be a mistake to pull out now, or to start pulling out or to set a date certain for pulling out. Instead we need a strategy to create a stable, democratizing and peaceful state in Iraq -- a strategy the administration has failed to develop and articulate."

Clark details a military, diplomatic and political plan for success. One does not have to agree with the details of his recommendations to appreciate the seriousness of his effort. General Clark's plan should be taken seriously because he has actually won a war.

Clark is a patriot. Even though he opposed the war, he understands that it would be a catastrophe if America was defeated in Iraq. As an anti-war voice, it is significant that he has taken a firm stand opposed to a timed withdrawal. His authority should slow the momentum within the Democratic Party to take such a position.

The Bush Administration would be well-served to reach out to such thoughtful critics such as General Clark. They won't.
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