Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Apologize Cindy

The Moose suggests that Ms. Sheehan should offer some contrition.

Cindy Sheehan should climb off her high horse and offer an apology to someone she slandered. First, she should be cut a lot of slack. Ms. Sheehan suffered an incalculable loss. However, she has discredited her cause by her associations with radicals, her extremist statements about Israel and her arguments even against the Afghanistan war. And now this...

For months she has been asking public officials including the President to meet with her to discuss the war. One supporter of the war did just that yesterday - Senator John McCain. And the result? She called him a "warmonger." The Associated Press,

"He is a warmonger, and I'm not," Sheehan said after meeting with McCain.

Perhaps, Ms. Sheehan has earned the right to be sanctimonious. But, she has no right to call an American hero a "warmonger." Maybe, Ms Sheehan is ill-informed. No one knows the horror of war more than John McCain. And no American has sought to repair the wounds of war more than John McCain.

When others were faint-hearted about restoring relations with Viet Nam, John McCain took the lead to heal the breach with his former torturers. And today, no American is more outraged by the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. He has even defied his own President and Party to advance the cause of the humane treatment of captured enemies.

John McCain is no "warmonger", but he does love freedom. That is why he consistently fights for the democratic and human rights for people across the world from Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma to those children who once languished in Saddam's prisons.

Cindy Sheehan is entitled to her outrage. However, she has no right to smear a hero. Apologize, Cindy.
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