Friday, September 23, 2005


The Moose observes that the Roberts nomination has resulted in strange bedfellows.

Yesterday, Senator Feingold defied the special interests powers that be in the Democratic Presidential primaries. Once again, the Senator from Wisconsin bravely stood for principle. Oh, if more would follow his lead.

Defying the wishes of those who may be potentially among his most ardent supporters in a Presidential campaign, Senator Feingold voted for Roberts. That's the deal about politicians of principle - they sometimes disappoint the partisans - but they don't betray their own conscience.

Over the years, the Moose has come to admire Senator Feingold - although he has deep differences with him on a range of issues, including the war and the Patriot Act. He was unafraid to stand up to many in the Democratic establishment in support of campaign finance reform. The Senator did not make many friends - he just did the right thing.

Senator Feingold's statement on his vote should be must reading for Democrats. The good Senator sagely remarked,

"History has shown that control of the White House, and with it the power to shape the courts, never stays for too long with one party. When my party retakes the White House, there may very well be a Democratic John Roberts nominated to the Court, a man or woman with outstanding qualifications, highly respected by virtually everyone in the legal community, and perhaps with a paper trail of political experience or service on the progressive side of the ideological spectrum. When that day comes, and it will, that will be the test for this Committee and the Senate. And, in the end, it is one of the central reasons I will vote to confirm Judge John Roberts to be perhaps the last Chief Justice of the United States in my lifetime."

Maybe someday a Democratic President will select a Supreme Court nominee. When that day comes, Rus Feingold has made his/her job easier.

As a very wise Mooseketeer remarked, "Someone needs to tell Democrats that if they don’t like Bush’s appointments they need to start winning some elections and stop kvetching when Bush appoints people they don’t like."
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