Tuesday, September 13, 2005

One Down, One to Go

The Moose pleads with the President to declare, "Rummy you are doing a heckuva job."

Now that the President has crossed the rubicon on the firing of an Administration official, can he now ask for the resignation of the Secretary of Defense? Brownie and Rummy have so much in common. They both bungled the aftermath of a major event - one a natural disaster and the other an invasion. They are both seemingly oblivious to their misdeeds. And they both received the accolades of a clueless boss.

Despite their similarities, Rummy will apparently long outlast Brownie. Perhaps the standard in this Administration is the bigger the blunder - the longer the tenure.

But the Bushies have now lost their virginity on admitting their imperfections. O.K, they did not acknowledge their failures directly, but Brownie was clearly sacrificed on the altar of the President's polls.

It would be folly to abandon Iraq to the tender mercies of the jihadists and Baathists. Fortunately, most of the Democratic leadership recognize that a failed state in Iraq and an American defeat there would hand a stupendous victory to our terrorist enemies. However, the American people are losing faith in the competence of this Administration to achieve victory.

A new SECDEF will not solve the myriad of problems that confront us in Iraq. But, just as the removal of Brown was imperative to begin to restore confidence in the recovery effort, a new leader at the Pentagon would signal that the Administration is willing to make adjustments in their Iraq strategy.

One of the adjustments may be a significant infusion of more troops. But, who has confidence that Rummy is willing to consider new options? For that matter, who has any trust in his leadership - apparently the only person who counts - the same individual who suggested only a week ago that Brownie was doing one bang up job.

See, even W. can change his mind.
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